Became known release date of the first Georgian electric

Became known release date of the first Georgian electric


The production will be done by local AI group in close cooperation with Changan Automobile.

Today it became known, when will be released the first Georgian electric car. The model will get the name “Orvault” and will be shown in August 2020. Such information shared edition Sputnik. Nowadays, the construction of production facilities for Assembly of such machines. Note that the issue will establish in Kutaisi, they will take the local Property with the help of Changan Automobile. To start the production will be in the spring. For the first year will collect 5 000 electric vehicles that will be destined for export to Europe.


In the future we plan the expansion of production, which will be possible to manufacture 40,000 cars a year. Half of them will be intended for home market.

Note that the project will last for a long time – in addition to the Assembly of the machines themselves, the company will produce spare parts. It was previously reported that the first electric cars from Georgia will be made on the basis of Changan Eado, and later plans to expand the model range at the expense of hatchback Benni-EV360 and crossover CS55 EV.

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