Became known the new Ford Puma

Became known the new Ford Puma

The American automaker has finally published the prices of their reborn in the image of the athletic crossover model.

The cost of the new SUV Ford Puma will be a little more than 20 thousand pounds, or about 24 $ 200. One of the first markets where there will be an American novelty, will be the UK. Moreover, the official price list for the model must have been published soon after the European debut of the Puma, to be held at the Frankfurt motor show in September 2019.

According to the publication Autocar, the basic version of the Puma is estimated to be between 20 070 pounds, and top-end performance will cost 27 340 pounds, or about 33 $ 100. Under the hood sports crossover will settle uncontested 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, the output of which will be from 123 HP in picking Titanium, and up to 153 HP in hybrid versions versions of ST-Line-X First Edition.


Both powerplants are paired with a 6-speed ??manual transmission as standard.

Model in which a small coupe of the late nineties converted into the sporty compact crossover, subtly but effectively stands out from its well-known competitors ‘ SUVs. Officially, the Puma company describes as “crossover-style SUV”, with its three outstanding qualities, which claim to be “curvy style”, оригинальнaq design of the back and the new 48-volt power plant, operating on the principle of Mild Hybrid.

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New Puma created in the existing global architecture B for small cars of Ford such as Fiesta, but the flexibility inherent in “the cart”, helped to determine the size of the Puma is very specific.

The crossover is 30 mm taller than the new Fiesta, and the front seat is raised by the same amount. It’s still a compact car, but it is more useful than the Fiesta and also wider with a wider track. This crossover has a claimed 456 liters of Luggage capacity, while the Focus has only 370 liters.

The 1.5-litre diesel with a six-speed ??a manual transmission will also be offered later.

As for handling, the company claimed that Puma got a new setup for electronic power steering, a more rigid mount for the axle beam and hub with five studs for a more rigid fixation of the wheel compared to Fiesta.

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