Became known, where the first earn of the camera images

Became known, where the first earn of the camera images


As reported, Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Goncharuk, at the beginning of next year Ukraine will have a photo-video fixing of violations of traffic rules.

“Not in the whole country, because it is a question of logistics. There are still a couple of documents that need to be taken, but in General, we prepared for the fact that since the beginning of the year, end of Jan – Feb, the system will work. Initially, it will be Kiev and possibly some Central regions, a small number of these cameras. Next year we plan a few hundred, at least, cameras to buy and install,” – said the Prime Minister.

First in Ukraine will examine the first experience of photographic images of traffic violations and the closer the summer the camera will be to appear EN masse on the roads.

“The number of people killed on the roads is appalling. Here exactly are we going to restore order”, – said the Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk.

Earlier, the national police said that the automatic fixing of violations of traffic regulations could be introduced in early 2019. Already purchased 20 systems worth 1 million UAH. per unit, five of them mounted, and one of them even certified, others are in work. As explained by the CEO of KP “Informatics” Nikolay Pykhtin, each system consists of a radar detector, video cameras, and can recognize the vehicle number plate and the electronic data processing unit.


If the driver of the car exceeds the speed, passing on a red light, rides on the public transport lane, parked where prohibited, this locks the detector, the camera takes a picture information is processed and received by the server of the patrol police. Further on the basis of registered cars is automatically determined by the owner, its address and generates a receipt. The police have to do to print, put in envelope, write the address and send the offender to pay a fine.

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