Became known why bill gates chose Porsche electric car is Tesla

Became known why bill gates chose Porsche electric car is Tesla


Have a few days in the media can not cease talking about the new cars of bill gates – the electric Porsche Taycan. Many wonder why Microsoft co-founder opted not Tesla.

The fact is that bill gates almost his entire life devoted to Marche Porsche. For example, in 2012, at auction was sold to a Porsche 911 Turbo, which bill bought back in 1979.

However, the most famous car of a talented inventor and businessman is the Porsche 959, acquired in 1987. This was an exclusive car, which was released edition of just 300 copies. At the same time, to introduce it in the US, bill with the help of lawyers has made changes in traffic law, he could not import the car due to safety requirements.


It is also known that in the Garage gates were more “modest” Porsche 911 Carrera coupe and cabriolet Porsche 964 Carrera. A “snack” – two high-performance Porsche racing, one of which is a hybrid hypercar Porsche 918 Spyder.

Thus, it is not in a tense relationship with Elon Musk as a thought, based on the reaction of the head of Tesla for the purchase by bill gates car Porsche Taycan. We will remind, after the statement of the gates of Tesla owners have begun to ask Mask on Twitter about why the largest shareholder of Maykrsoft preferred the Porsche, and expressed fears that such a move by Americans to have a negative impact on sales of the California automaker. Musk on this account, replied in his usual shape: “My conversations with gates was not particularly impressive.”

Note that Porsche Taycan officially sold in Ukraine. The price of the car – from 2.68 million.

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