Become aware of the prices and specifications of Genesis GV80

Become aware of the prices and specifications of Genesis GV80


GV80 will go into mass production December 2, and the supply the customers in South Korea will begin early next year after its launch models at the end of December.

According to sales representatives of Hyundai Motor, gasoline GV80 2.5 T worth of 58.5 to 63.5 million won (49 100 – 53 300 dollars), gasoline GV80 3.5 T is from 70 to 80 million won (58 800 – 67 200 dollars) and GV80 3.0 D diesel is ot 64.5 to 82.5 million million won (54 200 – 69 300 dollars). The petrol version will be added next month after the release of diesel models by the end of this year.

Genesis GV80 easy enough, since the developers used aluminum alloy to improve the fuel efficiency and improve driving performance. GV80 can have two-, five – and seven-seat configuration with two rows of seats with elektroregulirovkami.


GV80 3.0 D, which is launched first, it combines the diesel engine SmartStream D3.0 with eight-speed automatic transmission. The equipment of this model includes the intercooler with water-cooled technology with a low coefficient of friction, LNT, DPF and SCR corresponding to the standard Euro 6d RDE2. It has a maximum output of 278 horsepower, which allows it to accelerate to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds.

GV80 2.5 T engine is equipped with SmartStream G2.5 T-GDI with a long stroke of 88.5 x 101.5 and a working volume of 2 497 CC Is a four-cylinder gasoline turbo engine with dual injection that produces maximum power of 304 HP and can accelerate to first “hundred” for 6,9 seconds.

GV80 3.5 T got powerplant SmartStream G3.5 T-GDI with short stroke 87,0 92,0 x and a displacement of 470 CC. 3 It has dual injection, its maximum power is 380 HP and acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h is 5.7 seconds.

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