Beetle in nature: VW New Beetle recalled

Beetle in nature: VW New Beetle recalled


The company Modern Classic Rides deals with unusual conversions of cars that affect the body and powerplants, and also builds replicas and restomods of different classic models.

Volkswagen’s “Beetle” in all its generations can easily be imagined as a city car or transport for light travel. But it is unlikely that you will think about it when you want to buy a camper. Even a Volkswagen Caddy in this quality, many people would consider it too small (whether it’s a Crafter or not). However, the head of the company Modern Classic Rides, Steve Goodfellow, decided that the modest dimensions do not interfere with comfort. His subordinates created a cute Beetle Pickup Truck Camper. At the source, the entire rear part of the body was redrawn, turning the Beetle into a pickup truck and adding a folding two-person tent.

The tent on an aluminum frame can be unfolded and folded in five minutes. In the cargo compartment of the pickup, water-resistant connectors were added, to which led lighting for reading, a 12 V socket and a USB port are connected.

As a base for this project, the New Beetle of 2000 with a 150-horsepower 1.8 turbo engine was taken, reports And the Studio from new York state is not going to stop there. Next year, the Americans intend to show a more spacious version of the car. And the Modern Classic Rides is a pair of unusual bugs: the model 2003, the Bureau is going to turn into a pickup truck with an increase of five inches clearance and a turbodiesel 1.9 and the other is the New Beetle also converted to pickup, but also to translate the motor and put in it the battery on the 160 km course.

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