Behind the wheel of which cars is more often violated?

Behind the wheel of which cars is more often violated?


In the Monobank application, it is possible to receive notifications about fines for traffic violations. The bank analyzed data on this topic and shared some interesting observations.

Monobank customers added 559,862 vehicles to their banking application, an average of 1.21 vehicles per customer. The most popular brands are Volkswagen (8.46%), Toyota (4.91%) and Renault (4.52%). Co-founder of Monobank Oleg Gorokhovsky announced this in his telegram channel.

The bank’s clients received 547,156 fines. The most “successful collector”, not counting the heads of taxi services, received 61 fines. The largest number of fines received by 1 client for 1 car in 1 day is 47, for a total amount of UAH 16 830.

Most often, according to the bank, Porsche owners receive fines. In second place are the owners of Jaguar cars. Third, suddenly, Lincoln. However, as noted by Oleg Gorokhovsky, the sample for this brand is not representative.

“Ironically, in Mono’s team, most often the fines are received by the project manager“ Penalties for traffic violations ”, although she explains this by the fact that she is testing the product, but no one believes her, as well as our CIO, who approves that it is not he who is reckless, but his wife, “Gorokhovsky added.

Recall that cameras for automatic photographing of traffic violations in Ukraine have been operating since June 2020. According to the police in October 2021, thanks to the work of the cameras, 2.5 million orders were drawn up and fines of UAH 400 million were collected. According to statistics, 80% of those prosecuted pay fines in the first 10 days, while the 50% “discount” is valid.

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