Beijing EU5 electric sedan to be reborn again

Beijing EU5 electric sedan to be reborn again


The four-door “Chinese”, formerly known under the names Senova D50 and BAIC EU5, after rebranding in 2020 is called Beijing EU5 and is adjacent to its older sister Beijing EU7. At the Shanghai Auto Show (April 19-28), the updated EU5 Plus sedan will be presented, which is devoid of the symbols of previous brands and is designed in the same style with other Beijing. The seriousness of the reform is indicated, for example, by the transfer of the charging port from the tip of the nose to the right front fender. However, so far only two teasers have been released.

The current electric car (pictured) is available in versions R500 and R600, differing in power reserve (416 and 501 km in the NEDC cycle), curb weight (1640, 1680 kg) and, of course, equipment. Sedan dimensions: 4650x1820x1510 mm, base – 2670. Price range – from 129,900 to 171,900 yuan (19,800-26,200 dollars).

The “Beijing” lettering has moved to the hood (former). The LED headlights don’t seem to have changed. The front bumper, freed from the charging door, not only retained the C-shaped lights, but also supported them with a rounded perforated insert.

Due to the new narrower lights, the trunk lid had to be replaced. The license plate is lowered onto the rear bumper. In the cabin, instead of one nine-inch display, there is now a cluster of two. The multi-wheel, seats, climate control and air vents are also new.

Now the electric motor of the “fifth-fifth” produces 160 kW (218 hp, 300 Nm), allowing you to change a hundred in 7.8 seconds. The maximum speed is limited at around 155 km / h, but this is hardly a reason for replacing the engine. The battery capacity (60.2 kWh in the top) can grow along with the power reserve. Petrol Peijing U5 still exists, using an aspirated 1.5 (105 and 116 HP, 134 and 148 Nm), a turbocharger 1.5 (150 HP, 210 Nm), five- and six-speed “mechanics”, a variator and mono drive. The prices of a sedan with an internal combustion engine are significantly lower: 69,900-99,900 yuan (10,700-15,200 dollars).

  • MedialexApril 4, 2021 22:51

    Although it is definitely an unfinished replica, I would be interested in contact details, anyway. Maybe this could be an interesting project.

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