Beijing government: NIO solid-state batteries are a priority

Beijing government: NIO solid-state batteries are a priority


A year ago, during the presentation of NIO ET7, the startup promised to equip the sedan with a 150-kilowatt solid-state battery, with which the model could travel more than a thousand kilometers. A little later, there were rumors that WeLion, which has existed since 2016, would be the supplier, and this was confirmed in official documents from the Beijing authorities.

As many have probably guessed, WeLion New Energy Technology is based in Beijing. The administration of the city of 22 million has published a list of the most important projects for this year. It is on this list that the task of building the production of WeLion solid-state batteries appears. However, NIO itself has not yet announced who will be the supplier for their electric vehicles. As a reminder, the introduction of solid-state batteries on NIO models should take place later this year.

The rumors of WeLion and NIO ties come after the electric car manufacturer allegedly provided WeLion with significant funding for the development of solid-state batteries, which, however, has not yet been officially confirmed.

After these messages, active discussions of new batteries on NIO machines began. Most experts are confident that solid-state batteries will hit the market no earlier than 2025. NIO was quick to comment on the matter, stating that their battery will be a semi-solid state. That is, it contains liquid components.

In addition, the layout of this battery contains a hybrid electrolyte that solidifies in the cell itself. It also features an extremely high nickel content and a silicon-carbon composite anode. According to NIO, the energy density is 360 watt-hours per kilogram, a very high value by today’s standards.

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