Ben Stiller’s Favorite Car!

Ben Stiller’s Favorite Car!


I got to meet Ben Stiller in Dubai. But the next day Lucy my Lamborghini had low oil levels. I tried to top it up, this is how it went.My upcoming Turkey Trip – Meet & Greet on 22nd December 2018 here: Artists for Peace & JusticeFollow me on:

what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie please like and subscribe I can subscribe if you haven’t yet we’ve got some cool stuff coming up so last night was it crazy I got my hair done I got my makeup John all professional because I got a call last minute to go and have a gala dinner where Ben Stiller Susan Sarandon would be Duchess of York and Natalie Imbruglia all of these incredible people were gonna be at this gala dinner so I was scrambling around trying to get ready for it and it was so cool it’s actually her charity called artists for peace and justice and what they do is they focus on empowering local communities with a focus on women as well so empowering girls that’s what we were there for last night and I just want to take you back to that moment when I sat down with Ben Stiller and what else could I ask him but about his favorite cup and I just wanna say we’ve had a wonderful time being here this short time in Dubai it’s a beautiful place it’s been a day and a half yeah I got a nose job and a butt implant let’s pay the guy everyone wants to go 4911 when I was a kid that was sort of like my dream car yeah I never got one I never got it just exists as a fantasy in my so why is the fantasy Northumbria maybe we need to hook him up with the 911 guys for the record okay fortune people look yeah I also wanted to triumph tr7 but they don’t make this anymore I think we can maybe just do up to something even better it’s like a month we’ll get we’ll get to an allocation alright guys we’ve got artists justice and the other way around with more modest abuse and justice we got all the words in wrong order I’m going to get justice he’s an artist doing a ride okay love you guys please Lola go check out one annoy me and then the night was done and we got into Lucy – those of you new to my channel Lucy is my Lamborghini I got into Lucy and the warning light came up and the oil level was low it said switch off engine check oil level did you switch off the engine no did I check the oil level no you’re a bit of a risk taker I got your Breville I know I hence the jacket so drive home it was one am tired super tired and went to bed this morning however we have a whole film crew here yes wrong ProSieben a channel in Germany there flown over to do like a little documentary about some cool peeps very cool peeps in Dubai I’m included right guys yeah what is this show it’s called red we’ll put the link in the description we have to show so what’s gonna happen is we’re gonna change the oil or not change the old top up the oil in my Lamborghini so this is the oil and it’s like high-performance aura I’ve changed oil in a car before I’ve chopped it up but never in a Lamborghini I think it’d be good idea and to bring a funnel you know – so the oil doesn’t like spill all over well there’s gonna be a fun I’m Connor how oh that’s the one you always come after we ah a bush – ok ok so now how much should I cut off you do a do-it-yourself funnel ok oh look at you how I’m so handy if you had a Lamborghini would you top up the oil yourself the answer is probably no I’ve never done this before I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing guys I don’t know if this is so you googled it right hey Google that you’re Google okay well the engines in the back so we’re gonna go with the back it’s due for a service in ten days I don’t think the warning light is going to come up and check the oil level I’m gonna let Lucy run for a few minutes to get the right reading but let’s just open up the back first have a look and see where we’re gonna do yeah my VW Golf key don’t company this is a nominee and that’s why this car key is going to work on their chocolate here it is yeah so it’s only here oh yeah that’s a little yeah yeah so we need to get it to that so where’s my real father hey guy here’s the high-performance oil that’s true I don’t know I asked the service advisor yeah he said just pour in a liter yeah yeah I think that’s it’s not a leader yeah that’s a leader okay they’ll have to hold it you see there’s like a little a little thing but I don’t think you can just pour it right over all right I don’t know either let’s just give it a try why are we doing this we could run a Lamborghini so who’s the car expert here that one so we need can we ask you can you come here quickly versus mine and I won’t get an itch I know where that’s clinal off the ski Tian’s kaohsiung you know just get out aha that’s a first that is a first so I’m just gonna pull the whole thing in yeah I can’t whoa it’s all in yeah okay how do you feel Lucy she’s coughing yay okay Oh celebrating come on okay so it’s halfway up Phil so it could do with more but we’ll have to do that another time okay but it’s not like on great it goes in for service tomorrow anyways alright yeah now you’re not an oil virgin anymore no no I wasn’t before or lambo burden and oil amber cool when we take it into service like tomorrow they’ll do a whole oil change like what I don’t know I didn’t touch it I started on YouTube you can’t lie to me let’s go we’re just gonna do a little photo shoot with Lucy we’re taking her in tomorrow to change your color so this is the last time she’ll be in black and there’s a new eye that has just opened up just behind us here it’s a new location in Dubai so it looks super cool so we’re going to do a quick shooter and she’s all fine now with no exclamation marks or anything and coming up so I mean it all seems fine all fine the photo shoot is with this flag the Turkish flag I’ll get it out when running outside because I am coming to Turkey that’s my next trip whoa I’m going to Istanbul I cannot wait I cannot wait to meet those of you who live there I’m gonna be organizing meet and greet on the 22nd of December to one of the major malls there in Istanbul so please go and follow me on Instagram because I’m gonna be making my announcement there and telling you all the details so the time in the place I’m excited let’s do the shoot I’m coming a chuggy got it I hope you liked it please like the blog give me a thumbs up right now subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already love you guys we’ve got so much more to come

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