Benda VTR-300 Turbo: patent drawings

Benda VTR-300 Turbo: patent drawings


Benda is a Chinese manufacturer that is actively developing and developing interesting products. Last year, Benda announced the development of the VTR-300 Turbo sport bike. From the name it is clear that a small-capacity bike is boosted by a turbocharger. The first images taken from the patent have now appeared on the web.

Unfortunately, patents rarely write full details about the specification that are not related to the topic of the patent itself, so we can only guess and guess a lot. We know for sure that the bike is being developed on the basis of the 298cc V-twin engine that comes with the Benda VTC-300 cruiser. On a cruiser, the motor produces only 30 hp. and tuned for maximum efficiency at low rpm. On a sportbike, a different configuration will be required with maximum power at high speeds.

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