Benedict Cumberbatch’s Lap And Interview

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Lap And Interview


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hello Top Gear Commerce and welcome back to an incredibly hot Top Gear track this week’s star in a reasonably-priced car is Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Star Trek need we say more now whilst the girls in the office try to contain themselves we’ve been told that he’s actually incredibly competitive so it should be a good one let’s see how he gets on three two one I’m really excited I’ve never done this before never done a track-day so I’ve got to be quite a fast learn so I’m a bit nervous says how bold you are in the break actually and then how you feather it with my well not feather it but leave leave with pressure coming in without over steering about turning too much I’ve been driving bandy for 36 ideas in my life so I know this is aggression of being you know listening to you’re listening to your tutor so I tried to do and yeah and then just kind of really putting the pedal to the metal and it’s not it’s not simple at all it’s a really complex mixture of three ingredients which is you know steer brake and accelerate I mean it sounds so simple but if you’re going wrong at any point especially on a corner where she came it’s just you know you be part come off the track and you have to almost stop to recover and get any kind of control over the kind of carry-on which you just see the clock going war two minutes five minutes you you get a good fun yeah I think quite early on too early on possibly my advice to anybody who is gonna do this in the future is take it very slowly Daniel Bruhl is a really good friend of mine he’s just played niki lauda and rush and hit me chris hemsworth um you know the prices on every time they get near economist it’s like being a fool me f1 drivers that wouldn’t take those has been yeah see how fast you’re around this course and i don’t have that i’ll have any expectations I’m just the drippy actually gets driven by other people to be honest so I’m kind of lucky I’ve not played a racing car driver and this might be the nail in the coffin of that ever being eventualities but you know certain characters I can think about who don’t necessarily drive all that carefully certain secret agents or you know other people who quite haphazard Charlotte’s quite a good driver though not sensible it’s a departure for me yeah it’s it’s I’d look forward to seeing this for so long as well as it’s never gonna be anything but a bit of self laceration because you know you don’t get an idea for the geography of the laps when you’re watching at home that’s the real trick you really don’t get an idea of what the drivers point of view is and you see it from the camera positions around the track I mean heading towards those tires is fun because I just know what that looks like the car coming towards it but yeah it’s um it’s a very new experience kids have kids education schedules so use the track vanities I had a really lovely last lap so I’m happy and whatever the time is it’s it’s I don’t know if I’ll ever get any better today but I got I worked quite hard so you know I really enjoyed it I really really can I take this off and talk to you takes I feel like a bit of a moment roll I yeah I’ve really really enjoyed it really really enjoyed it now got a completely let it go just pretend yeah yeah pretend at some point I’m not gonna be shamed in front of a few eat public um yeah no really good fun thank you very much guys that was amazing

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