Bentayga Speed wants to be first

Bentayga Speed wants to be first


Updated Bentley Bentayga debuted at the end of June. The manufacturer has revealed all details about the SUV, in particular, told about the special luxurious four-seater version and a new set of accessories. However, until now it was only about “Vintage” with a four-liter 550-horsepower V8. Now CRU has announced a W12.

In the “Bentley” decided to skip “regular” 12-cylinder model, and immediately show the Bentayga Speed. Before the update it was different accelerated from 608 to 635 HP version of the six-liter engine, other suspension settings, the suppression system rolls, and Sport mode in the Drive system Dynamics, richer sounding output, improved responsiveness of the engine and the eight-speed automatic, unique 22-inch wheels, a rear spoiler, dark accents in the exterior and special interior trim.


Judging by the photos of a partially camouflaged prototype, the redesigned Speed Bentayga will prepare approximately the same recipe, maintaining the key visual differences from the base model. Among other things, “high-speed” modification will receive four oval exhaust pipe is rounded triangular. The motor will likely be left unchanged – as was the case with the V8. Learn more Wednesday, August 12.

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