Bentley brought to Geneva its most luxurious Grand Tourer

Bentley brought to Geneva its most luxurious Grand Tourer


Small-scale model inspired by the jubilee concept.

Last fall we heard that the crew working on ultraluxury sporty Gran Turismo with an open cockpit. Then it was reported that it will be a model in the style of the concept EXP 100 GT, built in honor of the centenary of the British brand. Bentley allegedly collect all 12 of these machines and sell them to selected collectors for 1.5 million pounds apiece. Now these data are partially confirmed.

In early March at the Geneva motor show to debut the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar – example of “locksmiths of the future”, created manually by the staff of the court ateliers of the brand. The brief press release did not disclose the details: in addition to the traditional epithets in his own address, the manufacturer announced only the use of sustainable materials in the decoration and acknowledged the kinship of commercial vehicle and the above-mentioned concept.


How close Bentley Mulliner Bacalar will repeat EXP 100 GT – hard to predict. Most likely going to be borrowing design with the distinctive elements of the classic Bentley Blower and R-Type Continental, as an electric powerplant for a show-car in the company simply “made up”, focusing on the level of performance that is expected to be met by 2035. So, the concept of “supplied” by four electric motors with a total thrust of 1500 Nm, which allows to accelerate to 100 km/h in less than 2.5 seconds, and the battery charged to 80% in just 15 minutes and provides a range of 700 kilometers. It is more likely that Bacalar will get familiar on other models of six-liter W12.

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