Bentley Continental GT turned into an art car

Bentley Continental GT turned into an art car


London Bentley dealer Jack Barclay with the support of art galleries JD Malat Gallery has created an art car on the basis of the Continental GT coupe. The car became a canvas for the Icelandic abstraktsionisty Catherine Fredriks, and the pattern on it is based on the works of the artist, the Central motif of which is “speed”.

It is believed that Catherine Fredriks works at the intersection of contemporary pop art, graffiti and calligraphy. Her paintings are abstract compositions hyperkinetic, monochrome or full color, Central motif of which is speed. Work for Bentley was the epitome of the main speed – the speed of light and received the name “Speed of Light” Commander. According to the authors, it most closely embodies the desire of the brand to “exciting driving experience” and emphasizes the design of the Continental GT.

An art car is a Continental GT with a body black, covered with abstract paint strokes and splashes of bright colors. In the same vein, made a series of paintings of Fredriks Personal Speed of Light. Under the bonnet of the coupe – 6.0-litre W12 engine with two turbochargers, which produces 635 forces and 900 Nm of torque.


The art car is not for sale, but Bentley plans to release another instance of the coupe – and that it can be ordered along with any model of the brand. The price of this car is available on request only.

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