Bentley electrificare entire range by 2023

Bentley electrificare entire range by 2023

Bentley is a brand of old-school, but the modern world dictates its own terms, so the company has developed a rechargeable hybrid version of the SUV the Bentayga, and it is not going to stop there.

Member of the Board of Directors of Bentley in sales and marketing Chris Kraft said that by 2023, the company will release a hybrid version of all models, and by 2025 from the conveyor will descend first electric car brand.

According to Kraft, the electric vehicles are part of the future of the company, and although they account for not so many sales, their popularity is growing, and more and more customers interested in Bentley cars.

In addition, Kraft notes that electric propulsion is ideal for such luxury brands as Bentley due to its high torque and quiet operation.

At the moment, information about upcoming hybrids Bentley no, but probably for the Bentayga will be followed by a Continental GT, Flying Spur and Mulsanne, which can use the same powerplant as the SUV is a 3 liter turbocharged V6 with electric motor and lithium-ion battery that allows you to pass on a pure electric range of up to 50 kilometers.