Bentley Flying Spur has received the updated logo of the brand

Bentley Flying Spur has received the updated logo of the brand


For many decades the emblem of the Bentley winged “B” is a symbol of true perfection in the automotive world. Now for the first time, she will decorate the new Flying Spur, which is the brightest representative of the class of Gran Turismo, created by the legendary British manufacturer of luxury cars.

Located under a modern Bentley logo on the hood of car new logo has got the electrical and a new design that shows the future development of the brand and emphasizes the highest quality performance Flying Spur third generation.


Symbolizing the future of the world of luxury vehicles, the famous logo also adorns the conceptual model EXP 100 GT: here highlighted a winged letter “b” becomes alive, welcoming approach her because of the play of light passing through the grille, through the logo, and then along the Central line of the hood, rushing to the car.

Vertical winged letter “B” was first introduced almost 90 years ago, on 8 Litre model in 1930. At that time, the emblem was not part of the standard equipment of the car and offered to customers as a quite expensive cost 5 guineas – option.

The original emblem was complemented by flat Bentley logo with the image of a winged letter “B”, represented by the company founder W. O. Bentley in 1919 – exactly 100 years ago, in the year of Bentley Motors.

A century later, the legendary Bentley logo has an updated design that symbolizes the future of the British manufacturer, and showing the evolution of the design models of the brand. The new Flying Spur emblem is backlit and electric. Their work is coordinated with the function of Keyless entry and the welcome lighting that runs at the approach of the driver to the vehicle.

The new Bentley Flying Spur combines the agility of a sports sedan with the refinement of a modern luxury car. Technically perfect representative of the class of Gran Turismo, which is harvested by hand in the UK, changing the traditional idea of elegance and special attention to detail.

Flying Spur next generation is equipped with an updated version of the iconic 6-liter engine Bentley W12 twin-turbo.

Original emblem the winged “B”, new version which for the first time in modern history submitted in the Flying Spur, was designed by Charles Sykes the Creator of the symbol is decorated with symmetrical wings of the letter “V”. Subsequently, the logo has become a mandatory attribute of most Bentley models, with many owners decorated their cars their own unique emblems.


In 1935, readers of the magazine the Autocar was asked to develop options for a new logo, with a prize in the competition was an impressive 50 pounds, however none of the options was not considered appropriate. Many of the proposed logos were so bad that it is not allowed to open the hood of the car. Readers were awarded two consolation prizes of £ 25. However, subsequently, one of the proposed emblems in the form of vertical winged letters “In” still adorns many of Bentley cars.

The first Bentley cars did not have the company logo. Emblem-a winged letter “b” was developed at the request of company founder W. O. Bentley immediately after the First world war by the English artist F. Gordon Crosby (F. Gordon Crosby).

The new logo looks symmetrical, but the wings on the sides of the letters have a different number of feathers. This simple technique was used to protect the original emblems from the fakes.

Most of his life Crosby worked in the journal the Autocar. This Illustrator self-taught had a unique style, which clearly manifested itself in his watercolors dedicated to motor racing on the roads and race tracks. Crosby was perhaps the most distinguished British automotive the artist of that time.

Over the past century flat winged letter “b” is consistently changed color from the original red to green, then blue and finally black. Today flat logo winged letter “In” still serves as a symbol of elegance.


10 July 2019 Bentley has celebrated its centennial anniversary is a remarkable milestone to reach who are only a few companies. Throughout the year in different parts of the world festivities, illustrating the evolution of the engineering excellence of a Bentley over a century, and which tells about the success of the brand today and the amazing future of the legendary manufacturer of luxury cars.

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