Bentley Flying Spur modestly updated

Bentley Flying Spur modestly updated


The generational change that took place in the summer of 2019 still left room for improvements in the Bentley Flying Spur sedan. Therefore, in the 2022 model year, the four-door will enter with a number of improvements. For example, the fight against unwanted noise and vibration (NVH) has reached a new level thanks to the technology of “virtual prototyping” from ESI Group: digital mock-ups and tests made it possible to place sound insulation materials “in the right places” and achieve “dead silence”.

Externally, the “flying spur” has not changed. However, Cambrian Gray has been added to the body color palette of 62 colors (pictured). The W12 6.0 TSI engine (635 hp, 900 Nm) with an eight-speed “robot” ZF still accelerates the sedan to a hundred in 3.8 seconds. Maximum speed – 333 km / h.

From now on, open-pore veneer is used in the interior decoration, which is flavored with three layers of matte varnish (each 0.1 mm thick), which gives it the natural color and texture of the wood species. At the same time, air ionizers are included in the standard equipment.

Now “in the base” there is a camera of the view from above, some “advanced protection functions”, recognition of road signs, welcome lighting, mirrors with automatic dimming, a swing sensor for the trunk lid, ionizers. Nothing is said about the impact of the former options on the secret price. 438 Flying Spur sedans (+384) were sold in Europe in 2020.

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