Bentley showed in the video, the hybrid transformer

Bentley showed in the video, the hybrid transformer

Bentley has revealed details about the concept car EXP 100 GT: it is a hybrid coupe with an unusual design, stuffed with the most advanced technologies. The premiere will be held July 10.

In 2019 Bentley celebrates its centenary. The company has already released for this anniversary, several special versions of existing models, including Continental GT Convertible modifications Edition 1 and Bentayga Speed. At this time, the brand is preparing something new – shoukar with zero emissions, which the company itself called a “transformer”. In what way is it “transformation” remains a mystery.

According to its own information portal Autocar, we can talk about the unmanned vehicle with a hybrid power installation for hydrogen. In addition, door card EXP 100 GT will be built in transparent OLED displays, which allow you to control various machine functions.

While in the press service of Bently shared only a teaser and promotional video, dedicated to EXP 100 GT. They can see the flowing lines of the body and door, which bears the name of the car.

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