Bentley took up electric cars

Bentley took up electric cars


Bentley has announced a new research project whose goal is the transformation of the powertrains of electric cars and eliminate the need to use in their design of rare earth magnets.

The British automaker has promised that the all-electric Bentley will appear later in this decade. The manufacturer says not to hurry, because it wants the battery technology have improved range and stability. With this aim, Bentley Motors has just announced a three-year study on creating a more environmentally friendly electric motor.

New “revolutionary” study of the British company called OCTOPUS (Optimised Components, Test and simulatiOn toolkits for Powertrains which integrate Ultra high-speed motor Solutions – design optimization, diagnostics and simulation of powertrains, which includes high-speed solutions), funded by the British Control of vehicles with low emissions (OLEV).

The project follows the 18-month study, during which it was discovered that the proposed drive system provides a better performance compared to the newest power plants with permanent magnets without using rare earth magnets and copper windings, offering a case that is both economical and recyclable at its end of life.

In the study by Bentley OCTOPUS will use innovative design, including dual electric motors, power electronics and the transmission housing, and also added the next-generation materials, efficient production processes, as well as the necessary simulation and testing cycles to develop full power plant electric, with unprecedented levels of integration in the architecture of electric vehicles and “revolutionary” levels of performance.


Bentley expects the new power plant of the electric vehicle will be ready to use in a production car by 2026, the same year when, according to the automaker, will be presented the first fully electric model Bentley.

“As the industry, technology and automobiles are changing faster than ever before, research projects such as OCTOPUS, are crucial for the implementation of innovative technologies and overcome problems associated with mobile solutions to the next generation”, – quotes the edition Stephen Fisher, Director of the Bentley in the development of powertrains.

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