Bentley will release a unique sports car

Bentley will release a unique sports car


The British division Mulliner is going to release a 12 car EXP GT 100 with an open top and a W12 motor.

Bentley prepares ultraexclusive model created by the Mulliner division and described by insiders as “the perfect tourist open-top sports car”.

It is expected that the model will cost more than 1.5 million pounds (more than 123 million roubles) and will be based on the concept EXP 100 GT, presented in July for the centenary of the Bentley. Besides the fact that he repeats the exterior design of the concept, it will probably be to use innovative and sustainable materials presented on EXP 100 GT, for example, 5 to 500 year old tree.

In the company hope that the special model will give an idea about his past – the Mulliner division 1 dates back to 800 years – and at the same time demonstrate their future direction, as can be seen from EXP 100 GT. Its price and exclusivity will also distinguish the new from the broader line of Bentley, because rich buyers are looking for more rare model.

Although tailor-made model has not yet been officially announced, the project Manager Bentley Stephen Silaff hinted at it earlier this year. “We will show the first idea about what we can do for the [small number of] clients,” he said.

The model, which will arrive in 2021, if it is approved, will double sports car convertible, designed “to exaggerate the thrill of driving”.

The new model will use a traditional gasoline powertrain, avoiding any form of electrification. It will be powered by a 6.0-litre W12 Bentley engine and producing at least 626 HP and acceleration to hundreds, probably will amount to 3.7 seconds.

It is believed that Bentley talks with its closest clients about this series for collectors, the circulation of which will not exceed 12 cars.

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