Bentley will replace the flagship sedan, the Mulsanne is a large crossover

Bentley will replace the flagship sedan, the Mulsanne is a large crossover


Bentley CEO Adrian hallmark in an interview with Car Magazine confirmed the development of a full-size crossover, which will take place over the Bentayga. Yet unnamed model will be the new flagship of the British brand after the resignation of a large sedan, the Mulsanne.

Speaking about the development of a new crossover, Adrian hallmark cited the example of the Chinese automobile market and hinted that the Bentayga with a long wheelbase would be a best seller for Bentley in China and to fully replace the Mulsanne.

Supervisor Bentley stated that the engineers of the British brand wanted to create a “more luxurious and larger Bentayga”. It can be concluded that the expected flagship of the Bentley will not be a completely new model, and under the British brand will release the extended modification of the Bentayga, with a redesigned interior and more customization options.


Market long-wheelbase Bentayga could be the answer to Volkswagen Group companies Jaguar Land Rover and Daimler. Land Rover has revealed the SUV segment with increased comfort, releasing in 2014 Range Rover Long long 200 millimeters salon, and last year debuted a Mercedes-Maybach GLS, which offers customers another recipe ultra-luxury SUV limousine.

Crossover Bentayga is coming to the middle of the production cycle, so Bentley will seek to retain customers, expanding the Configurator. Last year the British brand has offered customers four – and seven-seat version of the Bentayga, and a week ago the head of the court Atelier Mulliner has hinted at a possible release of the Bentayga convertible with soft top.

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