Bentley’s first electric car will be Audi

Bentley’s first electric car will be Audi


Bentley’s first electric vehicle will be a crossover developed in close collaboration with Audi. This is reported by Car magazine with reference to the CEO of the British brand Adrian Hallmark.

We are talking about Bentley’s participation in the so-called Artemis project of the Volkswagen concern, in which the leading role is assigned to the engineers of the Four Rings. They are preparing an electric model for 2024 on a specialized platform that will have a high degree of autonomy. According to rumors, it will be called the Audi A9 e-tron. A couple of years later, something similar, but not in the premium segment, will appear at Volkswagen: now this project is known under the code designation Trinity.

As for Bentley, its first car without ICE is due out in 2025. According to Adrian Hallmark, his company is proud to have sold more V12 cars in recent history than any competitor, but times are changing, with 39% of the brand’s customers saying their next car will be electric.

Bentley remains concerned about the extra weight added by batteries, but is positive about the current progress in battery technology. At the same time, the manufacturer has yet to rethink the corporate identity to improve aerodynamic characteristics, although it does not intend to completely abandon its “DNA”.

At the end of last year, the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG decided to give Bentley under the control of Audi, and this was explained precisely by the desire to combine the efforts of the two brands in the development of electric vehicles. However, Bentley remains committed to maintaining a close relationship with Porsche, Hallmark said.

The Crewe-based company currently only has one electrified model, the Bentayga Hybrid, which was refreshed this January. During 2021, a plug-in hybrid version should appear in the Flying Spur sedan. At the same time, by 2030, all Bentleys will completely switch to electricity: there will not even be hybrids left.

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