Best hotel in the world for fans of the “Mazda” MX-5

Best hotel in the world for fans of the “Mazda” MX-5

In Italy to 2017 is running a hotel that will definitely appeal to all fans of the Japanese automobile industry. The owner, Andrea Mancini, his entire life was devoted to collecting “MIAT” and two years ago decided to open a hotel in which everything is imbued with the spirit of the legendary Roadster. In the words of Mancini, he managed to assemble the largest private collection in the world.

The hotel is built on the base of the old stone house of the XVII century. Rooms different colors – each room is named after one of the original shades that Mazda used for coloring bodies MX-5. So, guests can stay in rooms Mariner Blue, Sunburst Yellow, Soul Red and Crystal White. The design of the rooms continues the explanation of “Meatland” – a room decorated with bas-reliefs in the form of “Meaty”, and the room keys look like the keys to the car.

But the most interesting is on site: there is the Mancini collection of more than 40 “Mazda”. Of course, the collection includes all four generations of MX-5, including the rare versions: “Turbomeca” BBR Turbo NA, spetsversiyu Miracle Edition NB with a six-speed short-stroke box and leather interior and racing NC from the Open Race.

But the most valuable items in the collection even more unique – for example, modification of the RS Limited, which was released in 1994 in an edition of 500 cars under sub-brand Eunos, designed only for the Japanese market. In the collection there is another model, produced under the auspices of this brand: Eunos V Special Type II 1993 edition.

In addition, his collection includes three cars from the brand, which no longer exists. We are talking about company M2, another sub-brand of Mazda, under whom we were to develop niche vehicles based on existing models. The collection Mancini is one of the 300 Roadster M2-1001, M2-1002 and luxury sports 1028 M2 with a lightweight body and a souped-up engine.

Mancini allows guests to ride on some roadsters to explore the nearby lakes and wineries, but the model M2 it does not give anyone. He is so careful with these three cars, when the German office “Mazda”, sent to him a film crew and a professional racer to make a small test drive one of the M2, Mancini said he would rather cut off his hand than be allowed behind the wheel of a rare Roadster.

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