Best in the “moose test”: an amazing result of the Model Y

Best in the “moose test”: an amazing result of the Model Y


“Elk test” always shows the shortcomings of certain cars without any “But”. Previously, a number of automakers made some changes to their models and demanded that such a test be repeated, Tesla has always shown excellent results.

So, when posted a video of the Model Y test on YouTube, we expected the EV crossover to pass it – and it did it with flying colors. As you can see in the video below, the Model Y, despite slightly higher ground clearance, maneuvered between the cones at a speed of 83 kilometers per hour. This matches the previous record made by Model 3 on the same benchmarks.

According to the guys at km77, the Model Y’s good steering feel, plus good ESC and suspension settings make the Tesla easy to handle in difficult situations.

To be honest, electric crossovers such as the VW ID.4 and Mazda MX-30 performed well in the moose test, although they did not score as well as the Model Y. While the Toyota RAV4 and Mercedes-AMG The A45 S had previously failed the same test, with the latter’s fastest entry being recorded at 75 km / h.

On the other hand, no car has been as infamous as the Toyota Hilux for failing this test. The mid-size pickup truck has received such a notoriety that people don’t give up the idea that the truck is unsafe even after a few years.

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