Best of Porsche: 911 GT2RS, Taycan Turbo S, 718 Cayman S

Best of Porsche: 911 GT2RS, Taycan Turbo S, 718 Cayman S


From the TV show, here’s Chris Harris piloting some of our favourite machines from Stuttgart. There’s the all-electric Taycan Turbo S, the tyre-deleting 911 991 GT2RS, and the 4-cylinder 718 Cayman S. Series 28: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

foreign the porsche 911 gt2 rs a 230 000 pound riot of wings vents holes and stripes but before you dismiss it it’s just a 911 that’s been driven through halfords with a magnet strapped to it trust me this is one of the most exciting cars of the of decades seconds and top speed of 211. 150 160 170. that’s insane just sucks up the world and punches you out the other side wow looks like a 911 goes like a hyper car and you know the really crazy thing about this car it’s limited to 11 but if it was left unlimited it would do 223 miles an hour and the only reason it doesn’t is that porsche would have had to develop an entirely new tyre to handle the speed even as it is though don’t worry the gt2rs still gives its tyres plenty to think about not many cars can do this watch this into hammerhead a bit of a tweak one way bit of a tweak the other get it going in second grab third wait for it grab four and it’s still sliding i’ve never driven a car that can do that before this is a feral deranged joe’s made gt2s before but they were always a bit of an afterthought take a 911 turbo remove the front driveshafts at some silly wings hope for the best but this one yeah this is properly engineered allow me to explain to save weight the front wings bonnet roof and rear spoiler are all made of carbon the wheels are magnesium the brakes carbon ceramic while underneath the bodywork the engine features new pistons intercoolers a new intake and a titanium exhaust and the result of this forensic overhaul is the fastest production car ever to lap the nurburgring oh yes water yes i’d like to say it’s a racing car for the road i don’t think i’ve ever driven a racing car that accelerates like this listen to those gear changes this is the best paddle shift gearbox i’ve ever driven and i’m using the lever in the middle makes me feel like a 90s touring car racer and spare a thought for the traction control because in a road car this track focused make no mistake it is a lifesaver i mean these buttons when you turn everything off you’ve got to be really really careful they called the old gt2 rs the widowmaker but this new one is faster and scarier so what does that make it the grim reaper according to porsche turbo doesn’t mean turbo anymore it now just means really fast so the question for the thai can turbo s is just how really fast is it right mr electric porsche launch control so i go sport plus maximum response left foot on the brake right foot on the throttle and here we go it’s just done 90 and 100 miles an hour 120 100 allow me to be a little bit speechless it’s relentless this thing will go from a standing start to the speed limit on a motorway in about three seconds if that’s not fast enough for you don’t take up base jumping or something wow and while most electric cars after that sort of launch have to go and cool down for a bit before having another go with its higher voltage and clever motors the tai can can do the big acceleration thing again wow and again that’s 120 miles an hour and again it hurts my kidneys better still porsche has pulled every engineering trick in the book to make sure the tai can is also like no other electric car through the corners it’s got rear wheels steering it’s got torque vectoring it’s got electromechanical roll stabilization the up shot is he goes like a porsche ran a track wow this thing weighs 2.4 times that’s more than a rain rover it has no right to drive like this to accelerate stop and change direction the way it does we just did a smoker we just did a smoker in a porsche i’ve never done that in an electric car before wow okay you got my attention now porsche you got my attention this has not been done before make no mistake in this brave new world of electric cars the tai can is properly groundbreaking it’s sliding it isn’t just an incredible achievement the work that must have got in nor is it just the best engineered best driving electric car ever made i love it no the tai can is also absolute proof that our electric future won’t just be fast it’ll be seriously exciting electric skids i’ve got a new favorite sport here it is it still looks like a cayman but one that’s been drawn with sharper pencils it still has the engine in the middle power at the rear and it still costs about fifty thousand pounds it’s the same story inside where thankfully porsche hasn’t messed with all the things we liked about the old car i’ve still got three pedals and this lovely wiggly one like thing to change gear but if you delve deeper you’ll find a million teeny tiny upgrades for starters the cayman’s big brother the 911 has given up its steering and brakes the lower rear suspension arms are from the last generation came in gt4 the anti-roll bars are larger diameter all around the front springs are now variable rate the rear tyres well they are 12 millimeters wider much of which is not interesting what is interesting is more horsepower the kmns now has 345 of them this car will do naught to 60 miles an hour in a sneed over four seconds and it won’t stop accelerating until you hit 177 miles an hour breaking and that extra horsepower also means something else if there was a fault with the old cayman it’s that it didn’t have quite enough power to explore the limits of that lovely mid-engine chassis this new one however oh yes yes all day long the trouble is i’m not enjoying this as much as i should do allow me to explain that there is the old cayman s six cylinder normally aspirated engine and it sounds like well judge for yourself that is engine sound perfection if you ask daft punk to create intake noise it didn’t sound like that but for this new cayman porsche ditched the lovely old six cylinder engine for a new turbocharged four-cylinder engine and it sounds like an old beetle this is a big deal because i’m sorry but the way a sports car sounds is a huge part of its personality it’s the same as humans voices matter i mean take say rod stewart and put him on mutant he’s just a scottish bloke with lady’s hair you

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