BEST OF SUPERCARS: Ferrari Pista, Honda NSX, McLaren 720S, McLaren P1, Porsche GT2RS

BEST OF SUPERCARS: Ferrari Pista, Honda NSX, McLaren 720S, McLaren P1, Porsche GT2RS


Here’s a little compilation of some the best supercars we’ve had on the TV show recently, including the Porsche 911 GT2RS – whose cup overfloweth with torque, the Ferrari 488 Pista – and its clever “even your nan can drift me” mode, and a head-to-head track battle between the McLaren P1 and its little sister; the 720S. Series 28: The Online Geneva Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. #togear #ferrari #porsche

it’s the most powerful Ferrari ever made hildie not the fix it around three seconds so does every other none favourite car these days is here is there from the standing star after 10 seconds it’s doing a hundred and forty miles an hour ten that’s fast and the four eight eighths comprehensive rewrite doesn’t stop at the engine a quarter of a million pounds also buys you f1 grade aerodynamics and an exhausts made of in Canal which is the same stuff they use in rocket engines inside meanwhile every inch of the interior has been pared back to save 90 kilos in weight all of which makes the pista about nine tenths of a racing car for the road which comes with its downsides but if you’re gonna go pared back and minimal at least make sure it’s Pleasant I’m in this seat here it’s as Boney’s an old bunkie and what’s less of the – well it’s ten years old it’s from a Ferrari four five eight and then there’s this thing down here it’s a carbon fiber sort of spur with buttons on it it looks like a medieval sex toy beneath the threadbare surface however looks a lot of very clever electronic assistance but not the boring stuff that boils to warn you that you’re wandering out of your motorway Lane or that there’s a scooter in your blind spot come on oak the pistas computers consider themselves as something far more exciting drifts on demand Ferrari calls it side slip angle control six electronic differential to keep you in line out of line is genius riding at 700 power re shouldn’t be this easy there’s no question that would the pista Ferrari has done it again what you’re looking at is the new benchmark for the track focus supercar 800,000 pounds 900 horsepower and quick around this track from the laferrari and the 918 spyder so the question is just how close can the 720s get to its big brother the reigning champion well to find out obviously I need to laugh the p1 again I’m selfless like that safe conditions for both cars one flying lamp we go that’s all the breaking up god I get it through laughter and stiffer hopefully somebody code you getting ready to it I’m over 720 assets got everything just don’t spoil it oh yeah doesn’t get much better than that for me I get it time for the p1 okay so I think that is a good time and I struggled to see how the 720 can get anywhere near it so one 54.7 I mean that’s mighty fast around here make no mistake to even get within sight of the p1 the 720s has its work cut out and it does feel faintly ridiculous to even think to this relatively normal series production car and get anywhere near it push don’t overcook it oh my god b1 legends it down the straight Mountain there we go right let’s have a look what’s done so p1 did one 54.7 I know it monster this in a straight line but it was so good so gonna have the lap time please 155 point two so half a second off so it was half a second slower that’s remarkable combine that v6 and those electric motors provide 573 horsepower that’s not sports car power because being as well Wow hater technology may be complicated but the effect is brutally simple as fast read first but the best part of this hybrid setup it doesn’t feel disjointed and digital the brakes may be he brakes and the steering maybe he’s steering it gives you a real sense of what’s going on obviously you can’t skid is about like a Ferrari for a take because those electric motors are always trying to drag it straight you can skid ease about yes you can more than I thought possible for something that was so complicated so Honda’s new NSX really does have genuine supercar credentials but before you go and trade in the Lambo there are one or two things to pull it out like the interior okay they’ve made a great effort but it’s still recognizably Honda if I’m big a real nitpicker I don’t like the way these paddles move they feel a bit cheap it should feel like turning the bezel on an expensive watch and it doesn’t it just feels like you’re pulling a plastic paddle on a 40 quid gaming steering wheel and as for the styling well it does look a bit like an r8 and a McLaren have face swapped but I think it’s stunning the Porsche 911 gt2 RS a two hundred and thirty thousand pound riot of wings vents holes and stripes but before you dismiss it is just a 911 that’s been driven through Halfords with a magnet strapped to it trust me this is one of the most exciting cars of the decade seven seconds 160-170 ah saying sucks up the world and punches you have another fight looks like a 911 goes like a hypercar but you know the really crazy thing about this car is limited to 11 but if it was left unlimited it would do 223 miles an hour and the only reason it doesn’t is the Porsche love had to develop an entirely new tire to handle speed even as it is though don’t worry the gt2 RS still gives its tires plenty to think about little mini calculators watch this into hammerhead we have a tweet one way but a between the other get it going in second crap haha I live in a car that can do that before this is a Merrill deranged punch avatar new level of hooligan ring

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