Best-selling BYD Song Pro has passed a light restyle

Best-selling BYD Song Pro has passed a light restyle


The BYD Song family consists of nine models. Only three crossovers are equipped with gasoline engines without any add-ons: Song, Song Pro, Song Plus. The rest are hybrids or electric cars. At the same time, BYD Song Pro, born in 2015, has become a real bestseller in China: 132 130 units (+46 660) were sold last year at prices ranging from 89,800 to 129,900 yuan (13,700–19,800 dollars). In early April, a restyled Sun-Professional with new decor and equipment will enter the Chinese market.

The logo with the hieroglyph was previously enclosed in a circle, but now it is barely noticeable on the top bar of the grille, which is widened and lowered to the ground. Both bumpers are new. The hood, LED headlights and fenders have not changed, as have the dimensions of the car: 4650 x 1860 x 1700 mm, between the axles 2712.

Finishing materials have become multi-colored. The multi-wheel, the automatic machine selector and the seats are new. The eight-inch digital tidy lost its entourage and shrank, while the ventilation deflectors changed their design and slid down, freeing the “cliff”. The console underneath has been reorganized. The diagonal of the touchscreen from the DiLink media center, as before, is 10.1 or 12.8 inches.

The curvature of the stamping on the doors is retained, and the contrasting C-pillar is now textured. Wheels are of the 2019 model. Tire sizes: 225/65 R17, 225/60 R18.

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The turbocharger 1.5 TI (BYD476ZQB) still develops 160 hp, 245 Nm paired with six-speed “mechanics” and “automatic” with front-wheel drive. Some Chinese media write that the Song Pro is now equipped with an upgraded engine (BYD476ZQD) with a return of 185 hp, 288 Nm and a seven-band “robot”, but they are mistaken, confusing Plus and Pro. A hybrid Song Pro DM (324–473 hp, 525–775 Nm) and an electric car Song Pro EV (120–135 kW, 163–184 hp, 280 Nm) with a power reserve of 405– 502 km.

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  • MedialexApril 4, 2021 22:51

    Although it is definitely an unfinished replica, I would be interested in contact details, anyway. Maybe this could be an interesting project.

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