Between past and future: Honda unveiled a new concept motorcycle CB-F

Between past and future: Honda unveiled a new concept motorcycle CB-F


Motovilovka 2020 Tokyo and Osaka in 2020 canceled due to coronavirus in Japan, so monocompany turned into virtual presentations.

Honda announced concept Honda CB-F, which was presented in a virtual exhibition on the web site.

When you create a CB-F the Japanese manufacturer wanted to pay tribute to the CB900F first appeared on the market in 1979 and was restored as a Honda Hornet 900 back in 2002. Given this, the new bike has a classic design combined with modern powertrain technology.

The bike is based on the lightweight design of the Mono-Backbone, which uses high-strength steel. In other places, inverted forks and one-sided swingarm in aluminium.


The elements of a classic motorcycle design is particularly striking and include simple round headlight, retro-silver-and-blue color scheme, lots of black accents, chrome exhaust pipe and a simple leather seat.

Power is provided by a 4-stroke four-cylinder DOHC engine with water cooling a volume of 998 CC and Honda is not yet shares data on horsepower and torque, except for the confirmation that this engine is combined with 6-speed manual transmission.

Gets the concept to the production line not yet known. The company said that after the abolition of the motorcycle show in Osaka it will launch on its web site a “Virtual motor show Honda”, which will feature 29 bikes, heading to Osaka.

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