Big Rig Hill Start Challenge USA

Big Rig Hill Start Challenge USA


Tanner, Adam and Rutledge continue their big rig challenge with a hill start test. The boys decide to up the ante by positioning precious belongings behind the wheels of the big rig. If there’s any roll back there’s going to be tears.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

a trailer changes the weight handling and braking of a big rig to prove that you can control a truck with a trailer attached you will now complete a loaded he’ll start your truck is parked on a 15% grade and your goal is to move forwards without rolling backwards least rollback wins I thought this was gonna be a challenge oh you’re gonna do this yeah well it’s not challenging it’s just a hill yeah but I mean if you roll back I mean what’s a big deal then you just go it’s like there’s nothing at stake there all right seems like you should crush something like your watch yeah put your watch back there this is a gift from my wife I’m not gonna put my watch back there yours is more expensive than mine but I’ll put mine back there – Adam open his swatch okay fine I’ll put my watch but you know what let’s up the ante why don’t you put your phone back there hey put your phone back there mm-hmm I’ve got I use my phone for work every day by work he means calling thousands of women then yes yeah that’s worse I’m put your phone back there okay fine watch his phones and I will offer my glasses watch his forms let all our sunglasses your hand off paralysis well I don’t have sunglass I’ll raise you $15 sunglasses you have those I can’t see without these you understand them you all you guys do just go straight you’ll be fine give them up you know what I’m so confident that I’m gonna watch you guys crush your own stuff and you’re not gonna see anything I’m happy to do it like doing it blindfolded oh my god trucks that way towards the big purple blog watch it I’m tan I’m Tanner Wow take those off before it look at those business blind put this gone no I’m gonna put them on can’t see if my brakes are built up yet his wife is gonna be pissed yeah I’m going over that hill and I’m not driving over my own stuff oh yeah he’s cocky all right and he’s blind all right you ready bearded lady I am ready come on back come on back here we go I can do it I don’t think I heard the parking brake go off we’re gonna be able to tell if he’s cheating all right there’s our drink there’s the parking brake it’s off come on into first now he just set the parking brake Oh Oh I did it nope he cheated that’s it I did it I can’t see but I did know go do it again you cheated what are you talking about I didn’t cheat we heard the parking brake release right before he left that was in the parking brake that’s the air brakes I didn’t cheat bring me my glasses I can’t see anything that’s gonna be tough to beat he didn’t move at all why did you get doubt for a second that I could do this if Rutledge could do it essentially with his eyes closed well how hard could it be okay oh let’s scroll through oh my God look how many names there are Tabitha Wow sounds exotic to Jessica Sheila Bruce sad as it sounds if I lose that phone I am screwed I cannot roll back at all and from phone all right you guys are doing the right distances on all my stuff right Juna Oh Eunice you’re not this is a tough one to draw in the most complicated truck Oh tiny dancer Oh Oh crush that phone curse that phone cross that phone crush you crush it go go go go go there’s a train letting the clutch out there he goes there he goes I think I’m on the slipping point right now anyone that can just left the ground went whop oh my gosh that was chance to eat your breakfast we’re heading up Radner house my phone house my phone hold on hold on you got to make it look real there that’s good that’s good come back mothertrucker house my phone we shouldn’t have done that we shouldn’t have done that the only ones come please no evidence except for your footprint no no don’t don’t if you sell me out this was that was your idea not mine all right we can’t sell each other out right that’s gross come on that’s good my hand I’m not gonna doing that’s nice he’s adorable it off Cayenne don’t cross oh god it’s so girls I’m so gross man why is my phone on this side you just clipped it you just clipped it you back that up right it’s just clipped that’s wrong no phone I’m look what you’re gonna break it you know it might have worked you did that good thing I got my $10 sunglasses though I don’t even want him okay I was only I only cared about the phone and you stuck it so sir I’m really sorry man you know if you hadn’t rolled back you’d still have a phone I don’t know why you’re blaming oh you forgot your watch oh oh twelve-year-olds oh you still have to go oh yeah mm-hmm I can’t believe you crushed my cellphone with a walkie-talkie don’t look at me I don’t have anything to do with that I didn’t have anything to do with who’s footprint was on there oh let me make this look more realistic we had an oath and you broke it you you

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