Bilorus’ky vantazhivki do not allow from Ukraine

Bilorus’ky vantazhivki do not allow from Ukraine


On the territory of Ukraine, without the possibility of relocation, about 280 Belarusian vantazhivok, support the Belarusian state agency “BELTA” with requests to the MZS of the republic.

“In addition, at the checkpoints of the largest EU powers – Ugorshchina, Romania, Slovakshchina – there is also an accumulation of vintage vehicles with waters-hulks of the Republic of Belarus,” the ministry added.

According to the words of the press secretary of the department, Anatoly Glaz, “at the moment, 143 crews of Belarusian vantazhivkas were given shelter from those who were turned to the fatherland, both in cars, and in a better order.”

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