BlaBlaCar is responsible for the development of its business in Russia

BlaBlaCar is responsible for the development of its business in Russia


The largest travel startup in the world, BlaBlaCar, is expanding its business in our country – representatives of the company have revealed about Forbes. In Ukraine, Natomist, a French company adapted its platform for volunteers and refugees.

Key facts:

  • BlaBlaCar credits the development of its business in our country through war and EU sanctions.
  • The company will no longer invest in our country and develop its market. Then service BlaBlaCar is free of charge.
  • In order to steal over 100n spivrobitniks, BlaBlaCar will deprive the platform in a streaming view, but also expose itsn activity to the company’s decisions.
  • For 85 workers from Ukraine, BlaBlaCar promotes financial, material and technical and psychological support, as well as helping them to move from a safe place.
  • This is how the company adapted its carpooling platform for water volunteers and refugees.
  • In Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and Ukrainian waters, now you can get free trips on BlaBlaCar and take the number of passengers, the number of passengers can.
  • BlaBlaCar’s employees have already helped 80,000 Ukrainians to get more carefree jobs.
  • Western Europe has BlaBlaCar buses, which get the most seats in 9 countries, without any fees for Ukrainian buses.

Key quote: “BlaBlaCar speaks out against any acts of war and against the ruin that is being feared today in Ukraine. We sing our deep support to the Ukrainian population and find the best words for the members of the community and the supporters of BlaBlaCar, as they demonstrated the unity of the rest of the two days.

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