Blockbuster in Britain: drivers chased a tanker truck in the hope of refueling


A resident of the UK Johnny Anderson shared with the BBC an unusual story that happened to him on the road. A man driving a tanker was transporting cement mortar to one of the local construction sites. At some point, looking in the rear-view mirror, he noticed a column of two dozen cars that were chasing him. It turned out that the motorists decided that the tank contained fuel, which Johnny was allegedly transporting to a gas station.

Johnny Anderson transported a tanker with 44 tons of grout from Wolverhampton to Northamptonshire. Moving along the highway, the man saw about 20 cars, the drivers of which neatly lined up in a column behind the truck. At the same time, none of the pursuers even tried to overtake the tank.

At the end of the path, Johnny turned onto a dirt road leading to a construction site. Already near the entrance to the closed territory, the drivers of the pursuing cars began to actively honk. Anderson decided that in this way the motorists are trying to inform him about some problem with the truck. The Briton stopped a cement truck and went out to other road users.

What was his surprise when the very first driver of the car asked which gas station he was taking a tank with fuel to. At that moment, Johnny realized that two dozen cars were chasing him in the hope of refueling. Anderson had to disappoint the motorists by informing them that there was construction cement in the tank.

At the end of September, amid the fuel crisis, the British government announced that it was ready to involve military drivers in ensuring the safety. According to Energy Minister Quasi Quarteng, mobilization would be a “prudent precautionary measure.”

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