Bloodhound jet car LSR accelerated to 1011 km/h

Bloodhound jet car LSR accelerated to 1011 km/h


The Bloodhound LSR car step closer to his goal: the world record speed on land, which at present is 1228 kilometers per hour. During the tests in the Kalahari desert racer Andy green managed to disperse a supersonic car to 1011 kilometers per hour. While this is the most impressive achievement Bloodhound LSR.

Currently races are held in test mode – they need to collect data on downforce. Because the car was driving at full power: to set the speed unless you use a jet engine from a fighter jet, while for record-in also has a rocket motor.

How fast will a car with such a powertrain, not yet reported, however, he must beat the current the land speed record that was set by Andy green in 1997.

The authors of the project do not intend to get only one record. Their global goal is to reach 1610 kilometers per hour. According to plans, the first race on speed will be in late 2020 or early 2021.

Your forecast for the Bloodhound?

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