Bloomberg: the head of McLaren left the post

Bloomberg: the head of McLaren left the post


The head of the British sports car brand McLaren, Mike Flywitt, intends to leave his post after 8 years of leadership of the company. Bloomberg reported this on Wednesday, citing a source.

It is assumed that McLaren will officially announce the resignation of Flyitt only at the end of Wednesday. Prior to the appointment of a new head, non-executive director Michael Macht will handle technical issues, while chairman Paul Walsh will be responsible for sales, marketing and public relations.

Recall that the financial consequences of the pandemic led to the fact that the company sold its headquarters in Woking (England) earlier this year for almost 240 million dollars. But one way to move forward is to release exciting new products, and that seems to be exactly what McLaren is going to do, because reporters found at least three trademark filings from the company through the UK Intellectual Property Office.

These are presumably brand new model names rather than just a special edition of an existing model, so McLaren seems to be on a mission to expand its portfolio quickly. The three trademarks are Solus, Aeron and Aonic. None of these names are particularly impressive or refer to any previous McLaren model, so most likely it’s a clean slate design.

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