BMW again makes excuses for “nostrils”

BMW again makes excuses for “nostrils”


In an interview with Esquire magazine, BMW chief designer Domagoj Dukets once again had to defend the appearance of perhaps the most criticized model of the Bavarian brand – the current generation 4-Series coupe. He said that good design cannot be measured in such primitive terms as “beautiful” or “ugly”, as it is too subjective. The appearance of the 4 Series, according to Dukech, is not at all as radical as they are trying to present it – it is “a very elegant car with very good proportions,” he noted.

Dukech also added that when looking at the BMW 4-Series, people should not only see the giant radiator grille, but consider the car as a whole. This is not the first time that BMW’s chief designer has had to make excuses for his work. In particular, he previously stated that he had heard negative reviews about the design of the new “four”, but retorted that he was never faced with the task of pleasing the whole world. Now he reiterated this statement and noted that he would like people to feel not passion, but true love for their cars.

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