BMW Alpina XB7: a story with a happy ending!

BMW Alpina XB7: a story with a happy ending!


We could not allow ourselves to tell you about the Alpina XB7 crossover in the format of the next “regular” test drive: this crossover is too nontrivial. Like the German brand Alpina itself.

That is why the process of creating material about the XB7 took so long: we visited the BMW Museum in Munich and talked with the head of Alpina at the company’s headquarters (learning the history of the brand in detail), and also spent a lot of time driving the XB7, so and below it (figuring out how it differs from the standard X7). We did our best to find out if the Alpina XB7 is truly a unique proposition in our market.

And now we hasten to acquaint you with the results of our work. Happy viewing!

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