BMW and Daimler to suspend the development of the autopilot

BMW and Daimler to suspend the development of the autopilot


The third level of the autopilot in the car still requires a driver behind the wheel, which the system will take over. The fourth level implies that the electronics person is not supposed to and handles herself in most situations.

Last year, the concerns BMW and Daimler signed an agreement on long-term strategic cooperation in the field of Autonomous driving. It was expected that the two German auto giant will join forces in the development of autopilot systems of the third and fourth level classification SAE and new electronic systems for the production models of both corporations. In addition, the plan included the joint platform for unmanned vehicles, which had to create from scratch. But while all this will remain just letters on paper, Daimler and BMW announced that it was suspending cooperation on shared autopilot program.


Prototypes with advanced autopilots on a sedan Mercedes S-class and BMW seven series have pass the road test, but to market them is likely to overtake the sedan Audi A8, which is first in the class will get a autopilot of the third level.

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After negotiations, BMW and Daimler have come to believe that in the current economic realities, it is impossible to count on successful cooperation. It was therefore decided not to spend money on though joint, but a new technological platform, and focus on their own projects. The Germans emphasize that cooperation on this issue can be reopened. Meantime, the two auto giant will continue working together on earlier projects concerning electric mobility technologies, various online applications and services of urban mobility, including carsharing.

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