BMW and MINI abandon DVS

BMW and MINI abandon DVS


The British carmaker plans the last MINI with a combustion engine to be produced in 2025. Well, in 2030, the company owned by BMW will produce exclusively electric cars.

As exciting as 2020 is for the world, 2030 could be just as significant, especially for the automotive industry. With the exception of Jaguar, which will electrify its models half a decade earlier, several carmakers have already announced a move to purely electric vehicles – by the beginning of the next decade.

Volvo has been in this flash mob for a long time, followed by Bentley and then Ford of Europe, which announced plans to switch to an all-electric engine last month.

Now it looks like MINI is “jumping on the bandwagon of this train”.

According to unnamed sources, the automaker is stepping up the transition to cars with electric motors. One MINI spokesman even said that the last MINI with an internal combustion engine will come out in 2025, while the British automaker expects half of its sales to be from electric vehicles by 2027. In 2030, the BMW-owned company will exclusively produce electric cars.

I must say that such a decision is not surprising. The popularity of electric vehicles, especially in Europe, has skyrocketed over the past few years, and this is just an anticipated business decision from the automaker’s management to meet market demands.

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