BMW and Volkswagen zmusheni zupinati verni through scrap parts z Ukraini

BMW and Volkswagen zmusheni zupinati verni through scrap parts z Ukraini


BMW and Volkswagen sound backwaters all over Europe due to the lack of car cables, which were made in Ukrainian enterprises, writes the Financial Times.

Ukraine is close to a part of the European import of darts for cars. Until then, the stinks are vibrating in other regions of Northern Europe, as well as in Pivnichniy Africa.

These darts are not the most important component, and without them it is impossible to start a car collection often. At the sight of other details, which can be easily worked in a different place, they are prepared for a prayer. The leather brand of the car has its own individual model of the harness, sharpened to a millimeter, so that the darts kicked at the entrance to it.

Through the invasion of, the Ukrainian auto industry has stumbled under the threat: the pickers can move the drive.

“We work with our post-commanders, as they suffered during the crisis in Ukraine, so we can say at once: save viability in Ukraine in other locations,” BMW said in a commentary. The company temporarily awarded the robot two factories near Germany and a Mini factory near Great Britain.

According to Volkswagen estimates, nine out of eleven її post-employees in Ukraine continue their work, but they changed their workload.

Factory from the selection of automotive wiring kits Fujikura, Leoni, Sumitomo, Nexans began to be actively introduced in Ukraine in 2016-2017. They came here for a cheap labor force, shards similar to the workmanship of the rich manual work. At such enterprises, from the give-and-take import system, they twist the darts for the light automobile concerns with their hands.

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