BMW are not the same… M235 failed the “elk test” (video)

BMW are not the same… M235 failed the “elk test” (video)


Spanish edition published a video in which experts tested the handling of the BMW M235i generation F44. During the “elk test” German sedan lost control at speeds above 68 mph.

According to the journalists, the new BMW M235i was able to overcome created by the obstacle only at the speed of 68 miles per hour. When increasing speed to 77 miles per hour German sedan showed a lack of grip of the front wheels with the road, so the car was regularly set down cones. A gradual increase in speed led to the skids with every sudden change in trajectory. This German sedan is bound hard tyres Bridgestone Turanza apartment t005.


According to experts, this result is one of the worst in history “made of elk skin test”. For this indicator the new BMW M235i is inferior even high crossovers. For example, an electric Hyundai Kona Electric is able to overcome such a test at the speed of 74 kilometers per hour. At speeds of 75 miles per hour is able to cope with the maneuvers of the Renault Captur. Upon reaching a speed of 76 kilometers per hour passes the test of Kia XCeed. Tesla Model 3, in turn, can avoid collision at a speed of 83 kilometers per hour.

During the “elk test”, the experts check the car’s handling at high speed. The test machine needs to make sudden maneuvers without touching the cones. Thus, the experts simulate an attempt to avoid collision with suddenly jumped into the road animals.

In late July, the “elk test” failed the Volkswagen Golf eighth generation. The car demonstrated excessive understeer, wagged his stern, and knocked the cones, when the speedometer showed more than 69 kilometers per hour.

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