BMW believes in the power of the DVS!

BMW believes in the power of the DVS!


Despite tightening environmental regulations and aggressive plans for electrification, BMW will not abandon the development of next-generation internal combustion engines. After all, cars with internal combustion engines, according to the brand’s forecasts, will still account for half of the sales in the next ten years.

The company’s plans were announced by the chief executive officer of BMW, Oliver Zipsche, and he did so immediately after it became known that Audi had stopped the development of new internal combustion engines. In Ingolstadt, the decision was explained by the introduction of Euro-7 standards and large financial investments, but they assured that the existing units would be adapted to the new standards. Audi plans to completely abandon cars with fuel engines by 2035.

BMW believes that the demand for cars with internal combustion engines will remain stable for many years. So, by 2030 they will still account for half of the brand’s sales. Therefore, work on new generation units will continue. Meanwhile, head of research at Daimler Group, Markus Schaefer, is confident that Euro 7 will make the sale of cars with internal combustion engines almost impossible in Europe, and we need to be prepared for this.

The contingency plan is the development of the line of electric vehicles. By the end of the year, BMW will launch the iX crossover and the BMW i4 liftback. And by 2023, the company will cover 90 percent of market segments with electric vehicles. In 2025, the so-called Neue Klasse models will appear, which will provide a range at the level of cars equipped with the latest generation of fuel engines. These cars will be based on a new architecture with modular power plants, including hydrogen.

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