BMW came to the defense of the grille design of the new 7 Series

BMW came to the defense of the grille design of the new 7 Series

The huge grille of the BMW 7 Series 2020 is one of the most controversial issues of the design of the updated sedan, and the company’s chief designer Adrian van Hooydonk admitted that he knew it.

According to van Hoydonk, he expected such criticism, but he had to adhere to internal standards and goals, creating the look of the updated model. It was necessary to be sure that people understand the difference between the new 5 Series and 7 Series.

Van hoydonk considers criticism as a matter of international taste. In his opinion, Europeans generally prefer to be less ostentatious, and it is mainly Europeans criticize the new look. On the other hand, in China, consumers reacted to the new look for the 7 Series very well and, as you know, the China market one of the key to BMW and other manufacturers.

By the way, the current generation 7 Series is likely to be the last, which under the hood is placed the classic V12 engine is a 6.6-liter unit, outstanding 592 horsepower, but the company did not see the engine serial in the future due to new strict environmental regulations.

Probably for the same ecological reason, BMW later have to give up the V8 engine and the next generation 7 Series will be equipped with inline 6-cylinder engine with an electric hybrid setup, compensating the lack of power and cylinders.

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