BMW can get rid of side-view mirrors

BMW can get rid of side-view mirrors


An interesting patent has appeared in the Bavarian automaker’s piggy bank: this technical solution dismisses traditional rear-view mirrors.

We are talking about video cameras that will take the place of conventional mirrors, but this whole system has one feature. According to The Drive, projectors will act as side monitors here, and this is completely new opportunities and a new level of convenience for the driver.

Cameras will monitor what is happening behind the side of the car and transmit the collected video sequence to the control unit. As a result, the picture will be displayed on the screens embedded in the side windows.

Among the advantages of the new technology, the Germans note the improvement of aerodynamics due to the compact size of the cameras, and this approach also opens up new opportunities for designers.

And the new technology will also protect the driver’s eyesight: he will not have to constantly change focus, which means his eyes will be less strained and tired.

And here you can also change the brightness of the picture. In the future, this system may well “make friends” with augmented reality technology. The only drawback is that such a mirror-screen will be static. If you lower it, then the cameras will not wake up any use.

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