BMW Changing Color: What It Looks Like

BMW Changing Color: What It Looks Like


As part of the CES 2022 exhibition taking place these days, several car companies intend to showcase their latest cars and technologies. Whereas Mercedes-Benz presented another electric concept with a 1,000-kilometer range, BMW intended to showcase a new paint technology.

For the demonstration, the company used the all-electric BMW iX crossover, which can change body color at the push of a button. Details on how the technology works are not currently available. In fact, we are very fortunate that a short demo video was posted on Twitter by user Out of Spec Studios.

Note that changing the color from white to gray and then vice versa looks impressive and resembles frames from a science fiction movie. Meanwhile, the effect turned out to be very interesting when a car from white gradually turns gray, while the spots of color can move along the body and do it very quickly.

The author of the video claims that the new paint is very sensitive to temperature changes, for this reason, two BMW iXs were brought to the exhibition at once. Unfortunately, there is currently no information available on whether BMW is going to offer such a paint job to its customers or if it is just a showcase of the possibilities.

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