BMW completely abandons the “robot”

BMW completely abandons the “robot”


According to the BMW Blog portal, the Bavarian brand will no longer install a 7-speed “robot”on its models.

According to the publication, the innovation to exclude the” robot ” with dual clutch from the equipment of BMW models will affect even sports cars from the M division. Recall that today the only model from the M segment that has a robotic transmission is the BMW M2 coupe.

At the same time, the latest updated models of the sports division – the m3 sedan and M4 coupe – can have a manual transmission or an 8-speed ZF automatic in their Arsenal. All future new products of the Bavarian brand will also receive a similar powertrain.

According to the BMW Blog portal, the decision of the Bavarian company is due to the fact that the automatic transmission has more opportunities for calibration for different needs. It is also considered impractical to develop a new robotic gearbox for electrified models of the brand. Finally, a higher number of gears makes it possible to reduce fuel consumption by optimizing the gear ratio.

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