BMW does not exclude the emergence of a competitor Porsche 911

BMW does not exclude the emergence of a competitor Porsche 911


BMW head of Design Adrian von Hooydonk supports the idea of creating a competitor to the Porsche 911 under the Bavarian brand. According to him, the novelty could revive icon 6-series.

The question of the foreign journalists from Autocar about the new 6-Series that could compete with the legendary Porsche 911, Adrian von hoydonk responded that its creation is “a good idea”. Mark could work on this project, however, is still quite difficult to predict when such a car could be the BMW model range. So the positive statement of the head of BMW Design on the attractiveness of its “911” does not mean that the new product will be developed. Meanwhile, fans of the German brand can enjoy a stylish visualization of potential innovations is the render from independent designer Veyran Lee.

Recall that about four years ago there was a rumor that BMW is going to reorient the 6-Series, turning it into a sports car, fit for rivals the Porsche 911. In fact, this assumption was not confirmed: none “911” from BMW was not presented. And bearing in mind the recent statement by the head of BMW Design, it turns out that mark is still in no hurry to begin active development of this project.


The experts rightly fear that the automaker will not create a competitor to the Porsche 911. In recent years the darkness is all the more serious relates to the electrification of its models, as well as work on the attractiveness of its crossovers and SUVs, which continue to be in demand.

In addition, it is obvious that the design, development and creation of new competitive sports car will not be cheap.

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