BMW doesn’t slow down? The company recalls more than 50 thousand cars!

BMW doesn’t slow down? The company recalls more than 50 thousand cars!


This time, the Japanese model is sent for repair due to the increased braking distance. For Supra, this is the seventh review since launch.

BMW has released another review for the Toyota Supra. According to documents submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), some BMW and Toyota Supra units may lose their brake assist function due to faulty engine management software.

This problem affected 50,024 cars. Among them – 13,014 copies of Toyota Supra, as well as 10,877 units of BMW M340i and M340i xDrive, 4,130 cars with the index X4 M40i, as well as 470 units of 745Le xDrive, 14,006 X3 M40i crossovers and 2,151 copies of the sports car Z4 M40i. All of these vehicles rolled off the assembly line between 2019 and the present.

The problem lies in the software that controls the motor. A software failure can cause damage to the oil / suction pump, which supplies vacuum to aid in braking (boost braking) under certain starting conditions.

For example, if you press the brake pedal very briefly while simultaneously activating the engine start / stop button.

As a result, the braking assistant may not work, while the usual mechanical braking remains. Without the help of electronics, the braking distance of the car will grow, which increases the risk of an accident. During the free repair, the software will be updated on the “problem” machines. The automaker will start notifying car owners from October 1.

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