BMW-flavoured iCar

BMW-flavoured iCar


Apple has hired Ulrich Krantz, a longtime automotive veteran with a focus on electric vehicles. The company confirmed the fact of hiring Krantz, but did not disclose details of his job duties. However, Bloomberg claims that he will be joining the electric vehicle development team.

Krantz rose to prominence when he was vice president of BMW, where he led the i business and oversaw the creation of the i3 electric car and the i8 rechargeable hybrid. He later moved to the startup Faraday Future, and after there were problems with funding, he became one of the nine co-founders of the startup Canoo, also in the field of electric vehicles.

According to Bloomberg, Apple began working on its own electric car back in 2014, a year after the start of Tesla Model S sales. However, this line of business has been revised several times. So in 2017, the company decided to abandon the direct construction of cars, but to release an autopilot that could be installed on electric cars of other brands.

In 2020, Apple returned to the idea of ​​building its own cars. In particular, the company was negotiating with Canoo, but the parties did not agree, as the IT giant wanted to take over the electromobility startup, and its founders were only interested in investments from Apple as a co-owner.

This is not the first time Apple has hired automotive people. In 2019, we wrote that the company lured from Tesla, a specialist in electric motors, Michael Shvekuch. Bloomberg now claims that the project, to which Krantz will join Apple, is already led by Doug Field, who previously led the development of Tesla Model 3.

Recall that Apple has never officially confirmed the development of an electric vehicle. However, since the end of 2020, there have been many rumors that such work is still underway. In particular, the fact of appeals from Apple regarding potential cooperation in the production of electric cars was confirmed by Hyundai and a number of Taiwanese component manufacturers.

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