BMW G30 – will it continue family traditions?

BMW G30 – will it continue family traditions?


Today we have the seventh generation of the legendary BMW 5—series car on a test drive. During this time, he managed not only to become the hero of many films, but also to win the hearts of millions of car fans all over the world.

The BMW G30 is very different from its predecessors, but at the same time retains the charm and charisma that were inherent in the other five in the E39 body.

New platform for G30

The BMW G30 is built on the new CLAR platform, which implies the widespread use of high-strength steels, aluminum and carbon fiber, with the possibility of installing rear and all-wheel drive, but the main task in designing the new G30 was to return the car to its former handling and sportiness, which was lost in the previous generation BMW F10.

BMW G30 engine and dynamics

We have a test drive car with the most affordable gasoline four-cylinder turbocharged engine B48B20, 2.0 liters capacity with 184 hp and torque of 290 Nm.

The question immediately arose: how fast does our BMW5 G30 accelerate to 100 km/h? It’s a BMW, it has to go!!! But a miracle did not happen, after measuring the acceleration, we got 8 seconds, so-so result, as for BMW… But we were very pleased with the fuel consumption, in the urban cycle it was 9 liters per 100 km. Excellent result!!!

There are also certain complaints about the box: when driving at low speeds, in dense traffic, twitches and jerks are felt when shifting gears.

Interior BMW5 G30

The interior of the G30, despite the basic equipment, is very high quality, the materials are expensive, the assembly is at the highest level.

The front seats are sporty, with very developed lateral support, electric adjustment, memory and heating. It’s a pity, but there is no ventilation. There will be a lot of space in the back row of seats for only two passengers, the third will be hindered by the central tunnel.

The instrument panel is analog, but very stylish, concise and informative, it looks especially beautiful at night when the backlight turns on.

The multimedia system runs Android Auto, has two types of control: joystick and touch. It works very fast and responsive, the interface is clear. For the entire time of the test drive, it has never failed.

The noise insulation of the cabin is just great, the trunk is huge.

Chassis and steering G30

The steering of the BMW G30 is the perfect balance between sportiness and comfort. In our test copy, there is no variable steering gear ratio, but it’s still very pleasant to drive a car both on the highway and in city traffic jams. And the new modular CLAR platform has brought the handling of the BMW5 G30, compared with its predecessor, to a new level.

The chassis of the G30 is very comfortable, it is not soft, it is even a little harsh in some situations, but after driving a certain number of kilometers you realize that this is an ideal option for traveling on various road surfaces.

Compared to the previous BMW5 F10, the design of the rear suspension was changed. The new G30 uses several small levers instead of large H-shaped levers, which made it possible to evenly distribute the load on the rear suspension and avoid premature rupture of the silent blocks.

The brakes of the BMW G30 are also fine. According to our measurements, the deceleration from 100 to 0 km/ h was 36 meters — this is a very good result for a car of this class and weight. And considering that we are testing a car in the basic configuration with standard brakes, this is a record.

If we talk specifically about our test copy of the BMW5 G30 — it’s not about driving, it’s a balanced, pragmatic car for every day, but if you are a fan of the BMW brand and at the same time are not ready to overpay for a more powerful engine, then this car is just for you. Well, fans of fast driving should pay attention to the more charged versions.

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